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Providing Architecture Diagrams and Stencils to the IT Community since 2011

Refund Policy

This refund policy applies to any digital product sold by Remote Computing Ltd via the ArchitectureDiagrams.com web site.

Refunds WILL be provided when
1. The refund request is within 30 days of purchase
2. The diagram has major defects and has not helped the customer/IT professional save any time in the production of technical documents, and satisfactory feedback is provided that can be used for product/diagram improvement.
3. The same version of Visio is used as specified by the product created for our web site.

Refunds WILL NOT be provided when
1. Diagrams are imported to earlier or later versions of Visio, or other 3rd party software.
2. Diagrams must be developed further, or customised to suit customer requirements (this is the intention of this site!)
3. There are any technical or download issues with our web site. If payment has been received by Paypal, then the purchased diagram can be sent via email.

Customers can contacts us at info@architecturediagrams.com regarding our refund and returns policy, and for all refund and returns requests