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Remote Computing Ltd specialise in End User Computing and Cloud Infrastructure Services - and excel in Remote Computing Solutions, obviously.

Please contact us to help us understand your business problem and we'll see what we can do to help you out.




Training for Virtual Meetings

Sharon Jones

Because of the current environment it seems that everywhere you look someone is holding a virtual meeting whether it be socially to catch up with friends and family, a virtual coffee morning  for a local charity or for business meetings and events. There are many companies providing platforms for virtual meetings from Zoom to Microsoft Team and many more besides, and there are just as many “How to”, training videos to get you up and running too!

Let Sharon Jones from Amber-IT help you navigate through the options and hold an effective virtual meeting!




Office 365

    Office 365


    Do more with Office 365

    • Request Office 365 for cloud-based productivity
    • Add to any Remote Computing solution
    • Training, Design, Configuration, Information Security & Information Governance services available to new or existing subscribers.