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Amazon AWS Visio Stencils (simple icons)

The official Amazon AWS Visio Stencils can be found on the AWS Architecture page. Amazon uses the general term 'simple icons' as they publish their shapes for multiple pieces of software including both Visio and PowerPoint, as well as online drawing tools such as Lucidchart. The AWS simple icons are also available in SVG/EPS format.

Microsoft PowerPoint Format
AWS Simple Icons for PowerPoint (ZIP file with PPTX)

Microsoft Visio Stencil
AWS Simple Icons for Microsoft Visio 2010 (ZIP file with VSS & VSSX)

SVG and EPS Format
AWS Simple Icons in SVG and EPS (ZIP file with PNG, SVG & EPS)

Sketch Format
AWS Simple Icons for Sketch (ZIP file with SKETCH)

Online Drawing Tool
Draw Diagrams Online with LucidChart (LucidChart Libraries)